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Mr. Daljeet (Company Director) is recognized by everyone – clients, developers, vendors, and industry professionals – for his unique talents, creative drive, and diligence in assisting buyers and sellers in one of the most scenic and fulfilling places, Noida City, Delhi NCR and Tricity Chandigarh. 

R A Real Infra is comes under top 10 real estate company in Delhi NCR., Noida and Tricity Chandigarh.

About Our Company

R A Real Infra Pvt Ltd is dedicated to assisting individuals in discovering the ideal properties and investment opportunities, whether it be in commercial, residential or exclusive curated properties including luxury & ultra-luxury properties. 

The company comes under top 10 real estate companies in Delhi NCR & top 10 real estate companies in Noida. We also offer comprehensive wealth and property management services throughout the investment lifecycle. 

Our Vision

Leading Real Estate company for residential & commercial property across India. With R A Real Infra Pvt Ltd, you have access to unparalleled opportunities to invest in Office Space, Commercial Properties, Residential properties providing you with the best possible returns.

Our Mission

With over 2 Billion in sales, Our agency is the industry’s top luxury producer with over 20+ years of experience in marketing  Tricity Chandigarh/Noida/Delhi’s most prestigious properties.

Our Values

Due to our unparalleled results, expertise and dedication, we rank amongst the Top 10 agencies in Tricity Chandigarh and Delhi NCR. They are an elite member to various Presidents Council.

Our Resources

With our’s years of experience, impressive property portfolio, celebrity clientele, and unparalleled knowledge of the market and pedigree estates, R A Real Infra estimable business is sophisticated and renowned.

With over 2 Billion in sales, Our agency is the industry’s top luxury producer with over 15+ years of experience in marketing Noida’s & Tricity Chandigarh’s most prestigious  properties. 

Daljeet Singh

Real Estate Consultant

Dinesh Kumar

Estate Agent

Mahendra Rawat

selling agent


Frequently Asked Questions

The Registration Act, 1908, the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 and the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 mandates the registration of an agreement for sale of an immovable property. By registering the agreement for sale of an immovable property, it becomes a permanent public record. Further, a person is considered as the legal owner of an immovable property only after he gets such property registered in his name.

In Noida, when selling a house, you typically need to provide various documents to complete the transaction legally. These may include:

1. Title Deed or Sale Deed: A legal document proving your ownership of the property.
2. Encumbrance Certificate: A certificate verifying that the property is free from any legal dues or liabilities.
3. Completion Certificate: If applicable, to confirm that the property has been constructed according to approved plans and complies with building regulations.
4. Occupancy Certificate: Issued by the local authority to certify that the property is suitable for occupation.
5. Property Tax Receipts: Documents showing that all property taxes have been paid up to date.
6. No Objection Certificate (NOC): Required if the property has been mortgaged, to confirm that the lender has no objection to the sale.
7. Power of Attorney: If the property is being sold through a representative, a valid Power of Attorney document may be necessary.
8. Identity and Address Proof: Both buyer and seller typically need to provide valid identification and address proof documents.
9. Any other relevant documents: Depending on the specific circumstances, additional documents such as building plan approvals, mutation certificate, etc., may also be required.

It’s advisable to consult with a legal expert or real estate agent to ensure that all necessary documents are in order for a smooth and legally sound property sale process in Noida.

In Noida, qualifying for exemptions on Capital Gains Tax typically involves meeting certain conditions outlined in the Income Tax Act of India. Some common exemptions include:

1. Reinvestment in Residential Property: If you sell a residential property and reinvest the capital gains in another residential property within the specified time frame, you may be eligible for exemption under Section 54 of the Income Tax Act.

2. Investment in Capital Gains Bonds: Another option is to invest the capital gains in specified bonds such as Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) or National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) bonds within the prescribed time limit to claim exemption under Section 54EC.

3. Agricultural Land: Capital gains arising from the sale of agricultural land in India may be exempt under certain conditions specified in Section 54B of the Income Tax Act if the proceeds are reinvested in agricultural land.

4. Under Section 54F: If you sell any other asset (other than a residential house) and reinvest the capital gains in a residential property, you may qualify for exemption under Section 54F, subject to certain conditions.

It’s essential to thoroughly understand the provisions of the Income Tax Act and consult with a tax advisor or financial expert to determine your eligibility for exemptions on Capital Gains Tax in Noida.

In Noida, according to property transfer laws, stamp duty is generally required to be paid even in cases of property transfer as a gift. However, specific exemptions or reduced rates might apply depending on the relationship between the donor and the recipient, as well as the property’s value. It’s advisable to consult a legal expert or the local authority for precise guidance in your situation.

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